About Me

other_avatarHi!  I’m Levi.  I work as a web developer, but this site isn’t really about that.  Well, originally it was.  I used it for my business.  But now, well, I’m just using it to share my thoughts, ideas, and things.  I don’t use the social sites much anymore, you can likely still find me on Facebook or Twitter if you need.  Also, I’ll try to keep the content going on here, although I can’t guarantee the quality will be very good.

About me.  Well, I’m married to my lovely wife Anna.  I have two pain-in-the-ass dogs.  I swear a lot, like collecting shiny things, and change my hobbies about every three months.  I grew up in Alaska, and moved to Arizona.  It’s usually pretty hot down here, but easy to stay comfortable with a few cold beers.

LunaHere’s Luna, the nuttiest dog I’ve had so far.  Lovey little girl who can’t seem to get along with all the other doggies. She’s an Australian Cattle Dog, and is always picking on our other little mutt.

Charles & LeviHere’s my wiggly little guy Charles, he gets picked on a lot, but is a good sport about it. He used to bite all the time, now he just licks.