I’m writing a jQuery plugin to make any image Đogeworthy.  The image above is  my progress so far.  But, even if I never actually post that, I’ll try to put some relevant info on this page to help you along!

I made a Dogecoin cursor! You can download it here.

Also, it can be used on your own website using the following code, although you may want to download and install it on your own site.

body {
cursor: url(""), auto;

For now, here’s a list to get you started in your Đogecoin adventure!

There are so many Đogecoin resources out there, it’s hard to keep track.  Every time I find a new one I like, I’ll post it here.

  • Vendors – Used and approved by me!
  •  Markets
  • Games
  •  Charities / Sponsorships
    • Penny4NASA
      • We strive to increase NASA’s funding to 1% by encouraging popular support for NASA through education and outreach.
      • DSawmZCuHUzMHHiXNju28efCC8TnmQEeCF
    • Africa2Moon
      • A donation to Africa2Moon is a donation towards the long term sustainability of Africa through education.
      • DAJXE83WEsiyMYiG2CVmp3kZ9MafrmkH5c
    • TheDogecar
      • nascar-talladega-wise_poseJosh Wise driving the #98Dogecar at Talladega in 2014.  Not sure if they’ll do it again this year.  It’s the one thing I wish I could have participated in.  I totally missed the boat on this one. I was able to pick up a sweet Dogecar sweatshirt, so that’s something. Still looking for the crew shirt!

For all the Shibes out there, if you ever find my content helpful, send some Doge my way, eh?*
* Using a Dogecoin Wallet shortener, Check them out, quite handy.