Digital Palms

New Design (Again)

Alright kids, I’ve decided I don’t want to maintain this site as JUST my business site.  I have too many... View Article

July 15, 2014

These guys will always come through for ya.  It’s the best of what’s odd or cool out there, boiled down... View Article

December 30, 2013

jRumble Plugin

It might be hard to see, but I’m using this on my logo.  Not because I need it, mind you. ... View Article

December 17, 2013

jQuery Noisy Plugin

This thing is pretty cool.  It adds a bit of random “noisy” to any element background, breaking up the blank... View Article

December 17, 2013

If it’s not obvious yet, this is what I’m using to run the website.  WordPress has made it easy to... View Article

December 17, 2013