The F.O.E, Membership, & NASCAR

foecar - 2015 - Kentucky - 2

So, I’m in the process of joining the Fraternal Order of Eagles.  It looks like a fun group of people, but maybe a bit disorganized.  I received my membership card in the mail the other day, but haven’t been initiated or anything.  I’m fairly certain things should’ve happened the other way around.

Either way, one of the things that’s drawn me to the Eagles is the fact that they sponsor a NASCAR wrap a couple times a year.  I saw the first race this year, in May I think, and it got me motivated to see what they’re about.  I made sure to watch the 2nd sponsorship they did, which was at the Kentucky Speedway.  TV coverage for the car was very poor, but I managed to snag a few pictures from the internet.  The car the sponsored is the #51 driven by Justin Allgaier. Go FOE!

foecar - 2015 - Kentucky - 3 foecar - 2015 - Kentucky - 4 foecar - 2015 - Kentucky

July 17, 2015

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