Strong Beer Festival 2016


We didn’t get a lot of photo’s this year. But they did have a photo booth! This one was hosted by The Shop Beer Co. Not only do they have good beer, but they provided some entertainment to go with it.  I used the pictures from the booth and made a sweet gif using the online GIF Maker. ‘Cause you know. I can.

Anyhow, this year was a lot of fun.  Anna and I focused on local brews this year.  The festival is big enough that it’s almost impossible to see everything.  You pretty much need to pick a favorite section and stick to it.

My favorite flavor that came up this year was peanut butter beers!  Can you believe that shit?!?  It’s the best flavor I’ve ever had in my beer!  Of note, if I recall correctly, was Sleepy Dog, Huss, and Uncle Bear’s; all breweries with that delicious peanut butter flavor.  Papago also had the Orangedale, which is basically a sour version of their Orange Blossom, it was a fantastically tart and delicious treat.

Edit:  I found some more photos on my phone!

2016-02-13 13.41.54 2016-02-13 15.57.16

February 16, 2016


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