Phoenix Comicon 2016


Phoenix Comicon was good this year.  I managed to meet up with friends from my Pathfinder group, get some beers in me, and get some good reading loot too!

Highlights of this year:

  • I got Anna to go for a few hours on Friday!  This is kind of a new thing for her, and I’m slowly turning her on to how much fun these conventions can be.
  • Found out about a game called Crazy Make ‘Em Ups.  Haven’t bought it yet, probably this coming weekend.  Their tagline is “Make better bad decisions.”  I’m in.
  • I also volunteered at the Worldbuilders booth for a few hours on Saturday.  I bet some cool people, including the bearded one himself, Patrick Rothfuss.
  • I was also able to get the second Schlock Mercenary title with a drawing from Howard Taylor in it, as well as a signed copy of Steelheart from Brandon Sanderson.  Overall a good time!




June 9, 2016

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