Beard Review #12

Aug 17, 2016 9-49-37 AM

OK, this could very well be my LAST BEARD POST!  In less than 2 weeks I’ll have made it an ENTIRE YEAR.  Giving me the illustrious status of having a YEARD.  That being said, I may post one final picture before the “shavening” after September 2nd.

So I may have mentioned it before, but I started growing my beard when I hurt my back.  On September 2nd of last year (2015), I sneezed in the shower and threw my back out.  I couldn’t stand up in front of the sink to shave.  My back feels fine now, although it took a few months to normalize.

Also, it feels like the right side of my beard grew faster than the left.  Weird!  If I were keeping it, I’d get it trimmed down a bit.

August 17, 2016

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