Zapcon Day at Starfighters Arcade

This past year, Anna and I missed out on Zapcon 2016. We’ve gone the previous three years, but couldn’t make it this year since we were in California for a wedding. No big deal really, except we didn’t get our pinball arcade fix like we wanted. Lucky for us, Starfighters Arcade hosted a Zapcon event. Anyone wearing a Zapcon t-shirt or a Zapcon badge got in free. We’d never been to Starfighters before, so it was a great time to check it out. I love the place!

For those that don’t know, Zapcon is essentially a vintage arcade and pinball convention, put on my the guys from Asymmetric (KoL). ¬†Starfighters Arcade is a social club dedicated to preserving the arcade experience by maintaining a host of old arcade and pinball machines.



September 19, 2016

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