Birthday Shenanigans 2016

Birthday this year was a bit different. We met up at Queen’s Pizzeria after work then went over to The Nile Theater for some more Party Hard Wrestling. A good time was had by all.

A few things to note:

  • Thank you Mo, for wrapping my whole desk in tinfoil. 😀
  • I drank too much. I remember the pizza place well, and the start of wrestling. Not so much after that. I don’t think I’ll drink like that for a birthday party again.
  • I did get to see Nicktendo , and the Milf Hunters wrestle, so that was fun.
  • Big thanks to Anna, Potter, and Robert. They stuck it out to the very end.
  • I vaguely remember singing karaoke at September’s.
  • Robert / Potter, I’m sorry about that last picture. 😀








November 8, 2016

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