Phoenix Comicon 2017

As has happened in years past, Phoenix Comicon started on Towel Day! Not a bad way to get things going. Just a quick rundown on how things played out this year.

Don’t forget to bring a towel!

Thursday was fun; it involved some drinking, some panels, and shopping in the exhibitor hall. I learned about meteorite hunting in Arizona and about digital information storage. It’s also the day some whack-job decided to put a damper on the convention by bringing some loaded guns and threatening to kill the green power ranger. That idiot basically ruined costumes for a lot of people since all props were banned for the rest of the weekend. I ended the day finding out that I locked the keys to my truck, in my truck; doh!

Mom’s Basement Brew a.k.a. 8th Street Ale by Four Peaks

The illustrious Matt Hinds, leader of the Blue Ribbon Army.

Anna took Friday off, and spent some time with me around the convention. We had some drinks at Tempe Tavern to start things off. I got my photo op with Danny Trejo¬†and attended the Drinks With Authors party. It was fun, but I think I’ll be better prepared next year. Anna and I also rented a room at the San Carlos hotel, so we didn’t have to Uber home.

Spent a lot of time here at Seamus McCaffrey’s Irish Pub

Saturday was pretty much a Pathfinder Society day. I met up with the guys, and pretty much avoided the convention center except for the time between gaming sessions when Potter and I did up the Exhibitor Hall. We played a multi-table PFS event called Blood Under Absalom that went past midnight. Good times.

Can’t go wrong with the Monster Scouts.

Getting ready for Blood Under Absalom.

May 30, 2017

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