Independence Day 2017

Good times this past Independence Day weekend.  Although it started slightly un-American with Canada Day on the 1st.  Anna and I went with Lorne to track down the most Canadian bar we could find.  Turns out it’s the Ice House Tavern, a neat hockey bar attached to an ice skating rink in Phoenix.

The following Monday, we went to Lake Pleasant.  Anna was in a drawing for 98KUPD to win a speed boat.  We found the Sunnyslope Aerie on the way there, which was good.  We didn’t win the boat.  We also spent some time at the restaurant on the lake called Dillon’s KC BBQ.

We spent the 4th with Kristin & Cain.  Good pool times, and tasty smoked meats.  Headed to bed early though, worn out!

July 10, 2017

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